An Interrupted Meeting

Notes were delivered with to four people; an elf rogue, a human ranger, a human skald and a human legionaire.  Each note was placed with care enough to arouse curiousity.  The dead of night, or early morning up on sleeping breast, during the day with a lightly tied bow about the haft of a weapon.  Enough of a tease to lure the good citizenry to a treasonous meeting.

"Greetings fellow concerned citizens of Westcrown.  Please let me invite you to a meeting at the Swan in this evening to discuss mutual civic concerns."

The meeting begins with discussion about the corruption and inequity in the city. The fear of leaving the shelter of homes in the night.  It will be interrupted by the lookout's cry and the rebel leader will lead them all into the sewers to escape in time.  But as the sewers are traveled, they will find Hellknights waiting at the exit and must continue on.  The careless brush of a coat against a screaming mold will bring three sets of three encounters to the the group.

No rocks fell.



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